The Biomorph Personal Desk

Biomorph Personal Desk

I recently had to setup a home office. The hardest decision to make was which desk to buy. Given that I will be sitting at this desk for many hours and I have lower back problems, from playing too much rugby, I wanted an adjustable desk to match the Aeron chair I already have. It’s surprising that while there are plenty of adjustable chairs around there are not that many adjustable desks. In the end it came down to a choice between the AdjustaBench from Anthro and the Personal Desk from Biomorph. The Biomorph won on price and looks. It came flat-packed in a huge wooden crate, construction took an hour or so and the engineering quality was evident from the precision with which the parts snapped into place. The best features are:

  • The ergonomic shape – The split desk allows the back surface to be raised higher that the front surface and is robust enough to support the heaviest of monitors. The curve of the desk matches my arms-reach so everything on the back surface is within my grasp.
  • The height adjustment – With a few effortless turns of the hand-crank the surfaces of the desk can be independently raised or lowered. I can even work standing up.
  • The cable management systems – All the cables and transformers for charging the; cellphone, pda and laptop are held on a tray under the desk surface out of sight.
  • The robust engineering – Living San Francisco means one is always looking for a place to hide during The Big One. I now know where I shall be.

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