As I was researching the invention of the computer I found a few sites that while only tangentially related to the subject at hand were definitely worthy of note.

XSLT is Turing Complete

Unidex a B2B integration solutions provider developed a Turing Machine Markup Language and a complementary XSLT Universal Turing Machine. An example table of rules is available for the XSLT machine that implements the ROT13 cipher. So we can all sleep easy knowing that XSLT is Turing Complete.

The Game of Life is Turing Complete

Like Alan Turing, John Conway was a Cambridge Mathematician. He invented a mathematical game called the Game of Life,. So I guess it is in some way fitting that someone would try to implement a Turing Machine in the Game of Life. Paul Rendell has succeeded. I still can’t quite come to terms with this! What does it mean ?

Turing Machines as Art

The Manchester Illuminated Universal Turing Machine project was completed by the Algorithmic Artist Roman Verostko. In 1998 Verostko took the binary representation of a Universal Turing Machine and used it as input for a pen plotter.

Konrad Zuse’s early computing machines have been shown to be Turing Complete., at least theoretically. This installation explores Zues’s choice of discarded 35mm film and the unintended marriage of image and raw code that this produced. And here is a page dedicated to Konrad Zuse’s own art.

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Published on February 16, 2011