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NHS Healthcare Model: Generic Class View Version 1

.Access to Data (UML Class)
.Agency States (UML Class)
.Agent and Activity (UML Class)
.Agent and Subject Creation (UML Class)
.Basis and Results of Activity (UML Class)
.Business Scope of Agent (UML Class)
.Classifications (UML Class)
.Headings (UML Class)
.Subject and its Activities (UML Class)
.Subject and its Properties (UML Class)
.Subject Responsibility (UML Class)
.Top Level View (UML Class)
.Types of Agent (UML Class)
Abandoned Activity (UML Class)
Abandoned Intention (UML Class)
Access Group For Information (UML Class)
Access Group For Object (UML Class)
Access Type (UML Class)
Acquired Permanent Property (UML Class)
Acquired Temporary Property (UML Class)
Activity (UML Class)
Activity For Subject (UML Class)
Activity In Context (UML Class)
Activity Qualifier (UML Class)
Activity Qualifier Type (UML Class)
Activity State (UML Class)
Activity State Change (UML Class)
Activity State Type (UML Class)
Activity Substitution (UML Class)
Activity To Be Done (UML Class)
Activity Type (UML Class)
Activity Type Excluded (UML Class)
Activity Type Offered (UML Class)
Activity Under Consideration (UML Class)
Activity/State (UML State)
Actual Outcome (UML Class)
Actual Property (UML Class)
Actual Resource For Activity (UML Class)
Agency Active (UML Class)
Agency Ended (UML Deployment)
Agency Proposed (UML Class)
Agency Suspended (UML Class)
Agent (UML Class)
Agent Accepted Intention (UML Class)
Agent Access Group (UML Class)
Agent By Devolvement (UML Class)
Agent By Licence (UML Class)
Agent For First Party (UML Class)
Agent For Third Party (UML Class)
Agent In Access Group (UML Class)
Agent Rejected Intention (UML Class)
Agent Selected Intention (UML Class)
Agent State (UML Class)
Agent State Change (UML Class)
Agent/Lifespan (UML State)
Agent's Activity Type (UML Class)
Agent's Term For Concept (UML Class)
Associative Category (UML Class)
Associative Subject Relation (UML Class)
Authorised Activity Type (UML Class)
Authorised Agent (UML Class)
Authorised Agent Activity (UML Class)
Authority To Authorise (UML Class)
Basis For Hypothesis (UML Class)
Category (UML Class)
Category Valued Characteristic (UML Class)
Category Valued Qualifier (UML Class)
Causal Relation (UML Class)
Certainty Level (UML Class)
Classification Element (UML Class)
Classification In Version (UML Class)
Classification System (UML Class)
Classification System Version (UML Class)
Classified Property Qualifier (UML Class)
Completed Activity (UML Class)
Component Subject Relation (UML Class)
Concept (UML Class)
Contact Method (UML Class)
Context Activity (UML Class)
Decomposed Activity (UML Class)
Derived Agent (UML Class)
Derived Agent By Agreement (UML Class)
Derived Agent By Decree (UML Class)
Descriptive Category (UML Class)
Desirability Level (UML Class)
Desirability Of Property (UML Class)
Direct Activity For Subject (UML Class)
Established Focus (UML Class)
Event (UML Class)
Expected Outcome (UML Class)
FFA/State (UML State)
Focus For Further Activity (UML Class)
Focus State (UML Class)
Focus State Change (UML Class)
Focus State Type (UML Class)
Free Agent (UML Class)
Fulfilled Intention (UML Class)
Fundamental Characteristic (UML Class)
Heading (UML Class)
Hypothesis (UML Class)
Identifier Domain (UML Class)
Identifier In Domain (UML Class)
Image Valued Characteristic (UML Class)
Image Valued Qualifier (UML Class)
Incident (UML Class)
Incident Involvement Type (UML Class)
Incident Type (UML Class)
Inherent Temporary Property (UML Class)
Instantiated Activity (UML Class)
Intention (UML Class)
Intention State (UML Class)
Intention State Change (UML Class)
Intention State Type (UML Class)
Intention Type (UML Class)
Intention Under Consideration (UML Class)
Intention/State (UML State)
Inter Subject Relationship (UML Class)
Inter Subject Relationship Type (UML Class)
Involvement In Incident (UML Class)
Knowledge Concept (UML Class)
Level (UML Class)
Lifelong Property (UML Class)
Location (UML Class)
Location Structure (UML Class)
Location Structure Type (UML Class)
Measured Characteristic (UML Class)
Measured Qualifier (UML Class)
Membership Subject Relation (UML Class)
Natural Progression (UML Class)
Normality Level (UML Class)
Normality Of Property (UML Class)
Not Required Activity (UML Class)
Not Required Intention (UML Class)
Object (UML Class)
Object Representation (UML Class)
Observed Property (UML Class)
Ordered Classification Element (UML Class)
Ordered Species Relation (UML Class)
Outcome Of Activity (UML Class)
Outcome Of Incident (UML Class)
Outcome of Property (UML Class)
Partitive Subject Relation (UML Class)
Percept (UML Class)
Perception Of Property (UML Class)
Performance Rejected Activity (UML Class)
Performance Suspended Activity (UML Class)
Performer Accepted Activity (UML Class)
Performer Rejected Activity (UML Class)
Performer Selected Activity (UML Class)
Phenomenon As Heading (UML Class)
Phenomenon Or Qualifier (UML Class)
Phenomenon Qualifier (UML Class)
Phenomenon Qualifier Type (UML Class)
Phenomenon Under Heading (UML Class)
Physical Resource (UML Class)
Physical Resource For Activity (UML Class)
Preferred Contact For Subject (UML Class)
Preferred Name For Subject (UML Class)
Principal Agent (UML Class)
Projected Outcome (UML Class)
Projected Property (UML Class)
Property Natural Progression (UML Class)
Property Qualifier Type (UML Class)
Property To Be Established (UML Class)
Reason For Abandoning (UML Class)
Reason For Rejection (UML Class)
Reason Not Required (UML Class)
Reference Point (UML Class)
Rejected Focus (UML Class)
Relevant Focus (UML Class)
Repetitive Activity (UML Class)
Required Intention (UML Class)
Resource For Abandoned Activity (UML Class)
Resource For Accepted Activity (UML Class)
Resource For Activity (UML Class)
Resource For Completed Activity (UML Class)
Resource For Scheduled Activity (UML Class)
Resource For Selected Activity (UML Class)
Resource For Started Activity (UML Class)
Resource Held (UML Class)
Resource Type (UML Class)
Resource Type For Activity (UML Class)
Scheduled Activity (UML Class)
SI/Availability (UML State)
Significance Level (UML Class)
Significance Of Property (UML Class)
Single Activity (UML Class)
Species Relation (UML Class)
Standard Heading (UML Class)
Standard Heading Set (UML Class)
Started Activity (UML Class)
State Change Activity (UML Class)
State Transition Excluded (UML Class)
State Type (UML Class)
Subject (UML Class)
Subject Characteristic (UML Class)
Subject Characteristic Type (UML Class)
Subject Contact (UML Class)
Subject Creation (UML Class)
Subject Identifier (UML Class)
Subject Identifier Allocated (UML Class)
Subject Identifier Rescinded (UML Class)
Subject Identifier State (UML Class)
Subject Identifier State Change (UML Class)
Subject Identifier State Type (UML Class)
Subject Location (UML Class)
Subject Location Type (UML Class)
Subject Name (UML Class)
Subject Natural Progression (UML Class)
Subject Phenomenon (UML Class)
Subject Property (UML Class)
Subject Property Qualifier (UML Class)
Subject Responsibility (UML Class)
Subject Responsibility Act (UML Class)
Target Property (UML Class)
Temporal Link Type (UML Class)
Temporal Phenomenon Link (UML Class)
Temporal Resource (UML Class)
Temporal Resource Act (UML Class)
Temporal Resource For Activity (UML Class)
Text Valued Characteristic (UML Class)
Text Valued Qualifier (UML Class)
Timepoint (UML Class)
Timepoint Association (UML Class)
Timepoint Valued Characteristic (UML Class)
Timepoint Valued Qualifier (UML Class)
Transient Property (UML Class)
Unit Of Measure (UML Class)
Unknown Property (UML Class)
Unordered Classificatn Element (UML Class)
Unordered Species Relation (UML Class)
Urgency (UML Class)
Value Category (UML Class)