Decomposed Activity Defining Diagram
"Activity" which has been wholly or partially decomposed into other "Activities".
Associations From:
Zero or One parent One or Many Activity Under Consideration
Activity State

Derived Agent Defining Diagram
"Authorised Agent" derived from another (the origin).
A professional person ("Authorised Agent" through professional licence) becomes an employee of a hospital, a "Derived Agent".
Associations To:
Zero, One or Many origin Only One Agent
Authorised Agent
Subtype Partitions:
Derived Agent By Decree
Derived Agent By Agreement

Derived Agent By Agreement Defining Diagram
A "Derived Agent" who is empowered by some agreement or act.
This covers most employment and contractual arrangements.
Derived Agent

Derived Agent By Decree Defining Diagram
A "Derived Agent" created by some authority without the necessary agreement of the source "Agent".
This may imply some degree of coercion.
Derived Agent

Descriptive Category Defining Diagram
"Category" capable of classifying an "Object" directly rather than by associating it with another "Object".
As distinct from Associative Category.
Subtype Partitions:
Reason Not Required
Property Qualifier Type
Subject Characteristic Type
Incident Type
Resource Type
Reason For Rejection
Intention Type
State Type
Activity Qualifier Type
Contact Method
Activity Type
Reason For Abandoning

Desirability Level Defining Diagram
"Level" providing a value for an "Evaluated Desirability".
Associations From:
Only One level for Zero, One or Many Desirability Of Property

Desirability Of Property Defining Diagram
"Perception Of Property" which provides the extent to which the "Subject Property" is deemed desirable by the "Agent".
Associations To:
Zero, One or Many level for Only One Desirability Level
Perception Of Property