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Fracture (Object)
Class: Category
Definitions Used:
Category (Class)

Free Agent (Class)
Description: "Agent" whose actions are not subject to another's control.
"Authorised Agents" operate within the bounds of their authority. However, the model needs to account for the possibility of actions being undertaken outside these limits. Patients, for example, where they perform activities, would normally do so as Free Agents.

An example of acting outside the bounds set would be where a person working for an NHS Trust operates an illicit sideline selling confectionery. In this case the person is operating as a "Free Agent" relative to the NHS Trust.

See "Authorised Agent" to gain an overall view.

Source: Unspecified
State Type: F
&Abstract: F
Value: F

Frequency (Class Attribute)
Class Name: "Repetitive Activity"
Derived: F
&Value Type: Number
Optional: F
Unique: F
Const: F
Description: Number of times within the specified time period for frequency that the activity should be performed.

from (Association)
From Class: "Subject Phenomenon"
To Class: "Subject Phenomenon Link"
Undefined: T

from (Association)
From Class: Location
To Class: "Location Structure"

from (Association)
From Class: Timepoint
To Class: "Timepoint Association"

from (Association)
From Class: "Subject Phenomenon"
To Class: "Temporal Phenomenon Link"
Redefines: "Phenomenon Or Qualifier"."Phenomenon Qualifier"."focus for qualification"
Definitions Used:
focus for qualification (Association)

from (Association)
From Class: Timepoint
To Class: "Authorised Agent"