System Architect Definitions, Encyclopedia:"D:\DATA\SYSARCH\HCM\GEN_DATA\SUBJECT\V01\CURRENT\"
CE/Ordering (Gen-Spec Arc)
Base Class: "Classification Element"
Open: F
Definitions Used:
Classification Element (Class)

Certainty Level (Class)
Allow Shared: F
Override Shared: F
Default Shared: F
Allow Transactional: F
Override Transactional: F
Default Transactional: F
Allow Monitored: F
Override Monitored: F
Default Monitored: F
Allow Distributed: F
Override Distributed: F
Default Distributed: F
Normalize: F
Abstract: F
Derived: F
Description: "Level" being an extent to which confidence can be ascribed to the value or existence of a "Subject Property" or a qualifier.
Source: post-CBS
State Type: F
&Abstract: F
Value: F