System Architect Definitions, Encyclopedia:"D:\DATA\SYSARCH\HCM\GEN_DATA\SUBJECT\V01\CURRENT\"
Basis For Differentiation (Class Attribute)
Class Name: "Classification Element"
Derived: F
&Value Type: String
Optional: F
Unique: F
Const: F
Description: A statement of the basis on which the genus "Category" has been speciated. For example, if "Infection" has the species "Bacterial Infection" and "Viral Infection", the basis for differentiation would be "Causing Organism".

Basis For Hypothesis (Class)
Description: "Property Qualifier" being the association between a "Hypothesis" and another "Subject Property" forming all or part of the basis for the deduction.
Source: HcM QA
State Type: F
&Abstract: F
Value: F

basis (Association)
From Class: "Actual Property"
To Class: "Projected Property"

basis (Association)
From Class: "Subject Property"
To Class: "Basis For Hypothesis"

basis (Association)
From Class: "Classification System"
To Class: "Classification System Version"